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Authentic  Leadership Coaching and Training

> About Us

On Purpose, a leadership coaching and training company

Set up in 2003 by Norton Bertram-Smith with the intention of developing leaders to become ‘great’ leaders.

Since starting, On Purpose has coached, trained and worked with many leaders within Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire who have all had a desire to improve their leadership capabilities and capacity from a place where people matter and are at the heart of all businesses.

On Purpose have three core values at the heart of the business:

    • To be authentic
    • To be people focussed
    • To be locally connected


> Our People

Norton Bertram-Smith (Founder)

Norton is the founder of On Purpose Ltd. A highly sought after leadership and coaching company based in Aberdeen. Norton’s own story started when he realised that life didn’t always turn out the way you planned it, including climbing up the career ladder, getting to the top and realising he’d lost himself along the way.

Norton now dedicates his time and expertise in working with leaders to connect to their ‘authenticity’ and lead from a place of integrity in a way which inspires and motivates others to do the same.

Having held senior positions including that of Managing Director of Aberdeen Airport and General Manager of ARUP (Hellas) Norton knows only too well, what it’s like to lead when you are being authentic and when you’re not.

Lynn Bertram-Smith (Development Coach)

Lynn is a highly inspirational coach and runs On Purpose together with Norton. Lynn’s coaching style creates a safe space for leaders to explore their own behaviours and create meaningful change.

From an early age Lynn knew she was here to help others. She began her career as a primary school teacher, eventually teaching children with ‘special needs and challenging behaviours’. Being a leader in the classroom Lynn became very aware that it was in ‘how’ she led that made a difference to those around her and being authentic was key to her success.

Lynn now works with leaders and organisations in helping them to discover how their way of leading impacts others and how they can become more inspirational.

Tina Sibley (Development Coach)

Tina is an inspirational and enthusiastic coach, facilitator and speaker.

Having faced several challenges both professionally and personally, Tina has learned what’s important in life, the value of being true to yourself and doing what you love. Tina’s journey hasn’t always been easy and resilience has been key to her success. In addition her positivity and ability to bounce back has been motivational to those she has worked with.

Tina now helps leaders to speak and present with confidence, charisma and authenticity so they have more impact and influence.

> What is Authenticity

Authenticity Overview

Authenticity has its origins in Greek philosophy and is the degree to which we are genuine to our inner needs, as William Shakespeare said “To thine ownself be true” (Hamlet).

To be authentic means to recognise and take ownership of our beliefs, inner thoughts, feelings and emotions and act in a way which is consistent with these inner needs.

At On Purpose we believe that to become an authentic leader a leader must not only strive to meet their own needs but also meet the needs of others as well as their organisation. An authentic leader is someone who consciously strives to meet these three types of needs to create win situations, where everyone’s needs are met,. Though these situations can be hard to achieve, they also provide opportunities to reflect deeply on the true nature of these needs to continuously discover more about our inner self.

Why it matters:

Research shows that authentic leaders create high quality connections which build a collaborative and trusting working environment. To be a leader we need to have followers who are innovative and creative at work and do feel passionate about their work–finding meaning in their work and job satisfaction.

By being authentic, we allow others to be authentic, by creating workplaces which develop people as well as achieving results. Burn out and stress can sometimes be a result of inauthentic leadership. This is often a sign of a leader who is meeting everyone else’s needs or the organisations needs at the expense of themselves, or if a leader is only meeting their own needs.

The Benefits to an organisation in developing authentic leaders:

  • Leaders develop the capacity to recognise the needs of others and the organisation
  • Trust is developed through consistent and honest leadership behaviour and communication
  • Trust is developed through consistent and honest leadership behaviour and communication.
  • An open and transparent culture is created

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