Mindfulness Based Authentic Leadership

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Mindfulness Based Authentic Leadership
Developing Presence

Presence is about being focussed, in the moment, on what’s really going on for you, for others and in the organisational environment, which is a pre-requisite for conscious decision making.

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Conscious decision making is prevalent within psychologically safe working conditions and interdependent organisational cultures; when leadership behaviour comes from a deeper emotional and collaborative intelligence, and; when implicit trusting relationships are consciously being built and maintained.

This executive retreat has been designed to help leaders develop presence by learning mindfulness awareness practices.

Why 'mindfulness awareness'? Because, just as a compassion motivation serves to create a psychologically safe working environment and an interdependent culture - so, in turn, does mindfulness awareness serve in developing a compassion motivation.

In a retreat environment you will learn mindfulness awareness practices which will help you overcome fear-based habitual reactivity which inherently causes suffering, and develop the leadership capacities and world view required to respond creatively and sensitively within our now normal volatile, uncertain, chaotic and ambiguous (VUCA) working conditions.

+ Specific Course Information

This is a four-day retreat based on Holy Isle, off Arran, Scotland. For venue details see: www.holyisle.org.

All food is vegetarian with a standard basic single room.

We aim to catch the 12:30 Ardrossan to Brodick ferry on Wednesday 1st June/ 5th October returning on the 11:05 Sunday morning ferry. Detailed travel arrangements will be supplied when booking and provided in the joining instructions (or on request).

+ Attendee Information

For leaders wanting to:

  • Learn how to develop a mindfulness practice, enabling them to lead more consciously and take purposeful action.
  • Recognise when they are reacting rather than responding authentically in a manner which creates a sense of ease and presence.
  • Reconnect with their authentic self and lead with awareness and emotional intelligence.
  • Discover a systematic and experiential way of understanding themselves’ as a leader.
  • Discover what triggers them into defiant or compliant leadership.
  • Discover how to consciously respond in the interests of achieving win-win outcomes.
  • And enjoy four days away from the busy-ness, complexities and stresses of their daily leadership role.
Join us for a rejuvenating time away in a supportive, scenic and beautiful environment.

+ Course Cost

£1,125+VAT - Included: Accommodation and full board
Not included: Ferry travel costs from Ardrossan to Holy Isle return

> Benefits For Business

Business Benefits

We believe that all our courses should provide tangible benefits to the organisation:

  • To have leaders who have a an express intention of:
  • Doing well by doing good
  • Seeking win—win outcomes and shared goals
  • Making ethical decisions in the interest of the greater common good
  • Crating a truly sustainable organisation within which no one stakeholder group gains at the express of another
  • To have leaders who are consciously dedicated to creating a psychologically safe working environment based on an interdependent culture to foster the achievement of higher levels of contribution, connection, co-operation and collaboration.
  • To have leaders who embody a compassion motivation and sense of caring responsibility which reflects a desire to prevent and alleviate the inadvertent suffering they create.

> Benefits for Individuals

Individual Benefits

We believe that all our courses should be of real benefit to those who take part:

  • To have the ability to develop the mental faculty which enables them to fulfil their potential with the motivation to be other-serving
  • To have the leadership capacities to:
  • Stay present, despite the uncertainties and ambiguities, and be aware of what’s really arising and going for themselves and others
  • Be flexible and responsive to novel ways of seeing things and the bigger picture
  • Stay connected to achieving the needs of others in recognition of everyone’s right to grow and fulfil their own potential
  • To develop the capabilities of staying calm, open, reflective and observant in the way in which they bring the ‘whole’ selves to their leadership role
  • To be aware (and pay attention to) their own unconscious bias and fear-based ways of relating with others and be capable of freely choosing to respond creatively and positively
  • To be in touch with the authentic place from where they operate

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Mindfulness Based Authentic Leadership
An executive retreat which supports leaders in developing a Mindfulness practice.
Mindfulness Based Authentic Leadership
An executive retreat which supports leaders in developing a Mindfulness practice.

An Assessment into How Mindfulness Learning Contributes to Developing Authentic Leadership

Download:An Assessment into How Mindfulness Learning Contributes to Developing Authentic Leadership
Norton’s Executive Summary from his MSc dissertation research, Aberdeen University, April 2013.